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Truly at home in the water, Dave merges his diving and photographic abilities to share a unique perspective of the ocean that he loves. It’s his goal to use photography to show people the incredible beauty that the ocean provides, in the hopes that they will do their part to help protect it.

Dave first took to photography while on a month-long research expedition in Antarctica with the University of Rhode Island in 2014. He received a B.S in Marine Biology from URI in 2015. He is entirely self taught, and is constantly refining his skills and trying new things.

An Aquidneck Island native, Dave Gleeson has always been drawn to the ocean and New England’s beautiful coastline. He began fishing as a young boy, and eventually began freediving and spearfishing as a means to get even closer to marine life. All of his underwater photography and diving is done without a tank, allowing him the chance to get natural, up close encounters with fish and other animals.

Dave currently resides in Newport, RI.


Paradise Harbor, Antarctica. It was nearly 60 degrees on Christmas Eve, 2014

No tanks, no problem

Market Cod


Swimming in Antarctica